March 10th, 2012


Date Night With DVDs

Heads up: I have collected both seasons of Glee from the library again, so gear up for Round II of the haphazard reactions.

As I hop and skip around discs in utterly random order a few scenes at a time, I am gradually learning that many of my original opinions are now wrong. For example, "Theatricality." I can't believe I ultimately ranked it tied for "season worst." This episode is AMAZING. Karofsky (Awesome version) and Azimio are on freaking fire, Kurt cries incessantly, the powder keg beneath a year's worth of Finn-stalking explodes, it's a Shelby-and-Rachel bonding fest (mostly), and Puck is even...endearing? Clearly the only thing that was ever wrong with it was "Bad Romance," and the song is no longer repulsive to me anyway. Like at all. Like I've played the Glee version 20 times today. Damn it, Kurt.

Voice: So what you're saying is, ask you about "Born This Way" two years from now?
Voice: I think yes.

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