June 30th, 2012

New Earth

More spits

1. CBS renews Unforgettable for a 13-episode summer season! BRAVO. THAT IS HOW WE RUN A QUALITY NETWORK.

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3. Remember how super proud I was of finding The Grimmerie and using all sorts of discount tricks to get its price down to under $6? Yeah, guess what just showed up at a garage sale in identical shape for $3.
Actual reaction: "Are you KIDDING ME."
4. I saw this on scandalbaby's journal, and it turned out to be that Standard Fandom Survey, just x4, but it turns out I kind of like doing that one for all my fandoms at some point, and so I spent about 5 minutes whipping off list-format answers. Minimal extraneous commentary, just sort of a useful gauge for me to think about some fandoms and look back at them later. And then I decided to color code it, just to increase the amount of time I spent on it, probably.

Choose your top 4 Fandoms:
("top," a word which I am here interpreting to mean "favorite current ones and one near and dear to my heart that I like to try and keep alive")

A: Glee
B: Doctor Who
C: Castle
D: Smash

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