September 9th, 2012

VCR kill #8

Summer 2012 Watch List

May 17, 2012
Yep, it's official: there is no avoiding the backlog every year. I am now behind on so many things that I have to come up with an official chart of documentation before I even start to think about my summer desires. Blue text = done in June.
Red text = done in July. Green text = done in August. If it isn't struck through by the time I retire this post I didn't get around to it. [edit: THIS LAST ONE IS LOOKING EXTREMELY LIKELY.]

Episodes Left for the Season
2 Broke Girls: 2</span>
How I Met Your Mother: 2
Gossip Girl: 1
House: 3
Smash: 2
NCIS: LA: 2 or 3, depending on if I want to circle back to 3x04
Glee: 3 1
(+ episode ranking, the Top Performances showcase...)
Law & Order: SVU: 4
CSI: 2
CSI: NY: 2
(+ we have to play CSI Showdown)
Community: 3
The Office: 1
(and then we have to get our episode ranking list ready for Office Tally Survivor)

30 Rock: 2
Grey's Anatomy: 1
Private Practice: 1--
+ To be followed by State Of The Networks

Summer TV Series Plans
-Pretty Little Liars as it airs. Or when I catch up. [um, kinda.]
-Olympics for as much gymnastics, diving, and/or equestrian eventing I can find. THIS WILL HAPPEN. [edit: Woohoo! I watched like 5 or 6 nights' worth and a couple of daytime feeds! Saw more of dull track and swimming than equestrian, though, so boo. Also watched women's volleyball, regular + beach. Fun!]
-Southland, season 4
-Law & Order: UK, series 5 until enough important people quit that I stop caring
-Scott & Bailey, series 2
-Once Upon A Time
-Hart of Dixie? [I managed the pilot?]
-Falling Skies?
-FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (I don't even think it's a real show, at this point. It's just a mythical legend.)
[edit: Obsess about Glee like it is my job.]