October 4th, 2012


Waiting for your call, call I'm sick ... call, I'm desperate for your voice

Glee, 4x02, "Britney 2.0"
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Dear Romney: I'm sorry, did you actually say that cutting funding to PBS was a priority? Like, by name, you called it out as one of the first things to cut? Because. No. There are a lot of things that I find useless which you are free to reduce spending on, but PBS actually very much deserves some of the tax money pie because it is awesome and directly benefits me.

In conclusion, both candidates are jackholes and I'm still desperately seeking an independent to earn my vote, otherwise I'm writing in Chuck Norris. [edit: I LIKE THIS SITE.]

P.S. You know what's really delicious? Crystal Light "Wild Strawberry" energy drink mix. Especially when you get it for a dollar (quality overstock at the dollar store strikes again!).

It's officially That Day.

I've gotten 3 hours of sleep, awesome. So well prepared.

For my sanity, a reminder that there are some things that are still going to happen after the world ends:

+ Friday: Estate sale
+ Friday: Church sale
+ Saturday: YMCA fundraiser garage sale at fairgrounds

So I need to live for at least 48 hours after my heart gets ripped out. Hopefully they'll find a transplant by then. In the meantime, as you can see, I will be recovering with insane amounts of retail therapy.

Also, I am officially not allowed on Tumblr for the rest of the day. I banned it with LeechBlock and everything.
(by the way? This add-on is truly wondrous, and has helped me so much.)

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Sarah Jessica Parker: best new guest star since season 1

OK -- *deep breaths* Hell Hour is upon us. I'll come back to do some emergency cleanup on this post tomorrow or the day after, but for now, I need to get this out before it's tainted forever. [for those who care: it's at 2100 words right now, which may shrink or grow.]

Glee, 4x03, "Makeover"
Oh yeah, this is the one with the angst monsters hiding in the shadows of happiness. I got so distracted by the cuteness in 4x02 I forgot about that part.

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P.S. Oh my. Just when you think you cannot love Darren Criss more: this letter happens.
(random Tumblr link just to get it out there)
Actors who write letters to fandom are the best. See also, David Krumholtz.