October 29th, 2012



The Middle: I tore through the entirety of season 3 last week, and I'm currently two-thirds done with season 2. I want to talk about it nonstop, but I have the worst time coming up with specific things to say. Or even general things I have not said a thousand times*. I'm just really happy that my theory of this being a classic SYNDICATE-IT-NOW comedy was proven true when I watched a bunch of season 2 episodes I actually saw at some point when season 2 was airing (Axl's hot/dumb movie theater manager is one of my favorites), and I still loved them.

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Speaking of books I read yesterday (and holy crap, I have 17 checked out right now - not including DVDs and CDs)...

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Finally: I may have come home with 15+ books from the library bag sale yesterday. Oops? In my defense, the library makes you pay $3 (non-refundable) for a bag before they even let you enter to look around on Bag Sale Day, which I knew, so I was determined to load up on non-ex-library books I could resell to Half Price for a couple bucks, thus negating the entry fee while also acquiring at least a couple of good books to keep. (undoing a year's worth of book purging in a month: that's the RS way!)

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Happy Cat

I wonder what this could be.

I haven't done this kind of post in 3 years, but every few months I still visit ye olde lol.ianloic.com and collect and save the funniest pictures. Today is the day I finally get off my lazy butt, upload them to Photobucket, and do the real work of copying all the URLs to arrange them in a collection. Most are in random order, but some of them play off each other because it seemed funnier and I could.

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Happy Monday!