December 26th, 2012


This is for you, janusfiles.

(and also everyone, but I'm writing this for the perspective of someone who's familiar with the work)

Over a year ago, janusfiles recommended this book to me. I am pretty DO NOT WANT when it comes to science fiction, but I follow friendslist recs because you guys know my tastes so well, and coupled with the fact that this one featured (alien) animals, I decided I'd try it. I mean, once in a while I do take a chance on sci-fi, because it's super rare but super pleasurable when I come away liking it.

I then proceeded to forget about it literally every single time I went to the library, even the time I wrote it on my hand, each failure only making me more stubborn and determined not to take the cheater's way of requesting something on the shelf. I finally remembered, but it took me 4 weeks to settle down and get in the right mindset long enough to start reading it.

Once I got past page 2, I read the whole thing in one sitting because IT WAS SUPER GREAT.

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tl;dr: It turns out I am a huge fan of adventurous girls with small, fuzzy, inseparable companion-protectors, awww.