December 27th, 2012

Mt. Fandom

Fandom Says Hello

I may have accidentally hooked my mother on 2 Broke Girls. Whoops! Except I'm not sorry at all. Like me, she has been suckered in by the adorable friendship/cute horse and has to admit that it's surprisingly funny when not being gross.

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In other news, a bunch of you have said "dash the rules!" and just put up general posts about your favorite Things of 2012. They are way better than the mess(es) below I have created using the standard survey forms, but unfortunately, I am a creature of desperate habit and so I attempted to jam my thoughts into the usual questions instead of just being sensible and talking at length about how, I don't know, Television 2012 was a really great year for platonic friendships and stories of family, which aren't even included in the questions below. Oh well, too late now.

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