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Let's see, what other TV did I watch last week?

Homework update: *grits teeth* Last week ahead. 1 paper, 1 revision of a paper, 1 take-home exam, and 2 final exams to study for. Plus packing/cleaning the apartment.  Then it will end turn into a really desperate job hunt.  Not thinking about that right now, though.

I...may have spent half the night on this in one marathon stretch, so please excuse misspelled words and places where I randomly forget words.  My brain goes faster than my typing sometimes. 

CSI: NY: Admissions
That was a good episode! Kept me engaged from start to finish, had excellent continuity with the Taxi Cab Killer even if it didn't directly solve it, and had really refreshing team dynamics ("You two've been working together too long." N(e)RD.

However, if Flack ever says 'boom' again, someone is going to die). Have a bone or or five to pick with the ending, and not much else to say about the plot, but it was good. Three quick points of note before I get into the meat of my reaction:

-HAHA. I love how throughout the teaser I was like "Nooo, bad, I don't want to see a teacher get abused like this!!" and then I found out he was a guidance counselor and was immediately like "Meh." (me and high school guidance counselors...we have unpleasant history. Long story short, I find them a useless waste of pay)

-I love Flack. All the time (except when he's saying "boom"). That just needs to be said as often as possible. (and: DODGING THE KNIFE. HOT.)</p>-Adam needs either another person on his shift or more time off; he's talking to himself/his evidence way too much. Also, I still hate him, but you will notice I confine this sentiment to a single sentence. Ms. Huntley devoted two full paragraphs to hating Lindsay this week, and there wasn't even any D/L interaction for her to bash. Now that's dedication.

Admittedly, I was fairly relieved not to see any of said interaction either. I need a break from their crap. But where she whines that having Natalie confide in Lindsay, where it should OBVIOUSLY have been Stella, my response was "Hell no." I was thinking exactly the opposite. Yeah, I suppose there's the rationale that Stella herself almost experienced a rape, but I don't think there would have been the same connection - Lindsay's young (however much her short hair has aged her), much closer to Natalie's age. I think it was perfect to have Natalie open to her and see her as the safe harbor. I thought it was a good showcase for Lindsay to shine.

That being said, I didn't like Natalie. Oh, I liked her at first - she reminded me very much of me; I empathized with her turtle shell reservation and her sad doe eyes. At the very least, she looked like someone I'd want to reach out and befriend. But then she started telling her story, and that empathy melted away as she started talking about how she finally felt, omg, popular and speshul. Sympathies for this fool girl, I do not have them! WHY would you want to be "the life of the party"? Seriously? How is that even remotely appealing? Especially in high school! I'll take my Friday night sleepovers playing board games with my best friend and her little sisters, thanks. And if I hadn't had that, I'm pretty sure I would have been as perfectly content then as I am now with library books & a big wide internet to play in.

But what the hell was with Gerrard's final action?! Me: "WHAT?! Holy unnecessary drama, Batman!"

LET US GET SOME PERSPECTIVE HERE. She went to a party of her own accord; he did not snatch her off the street. She was more or less unconscious during it, which obviously does not make it okay, but which does make it a lot less painful than it could have been - he did not keep her captive and handcuffed for a week, violently raping at will. He did not maim, torture, or kill her; she came home with nary a physical mark, and neither did he drive her to suicide. And it's not even like he got away with the rape; he was on his way to court with a likely conviction! A definite conviction for statutory rape, if nothing else!

The point is, there have plenty of situations on crime shows where you understand the overwhelming rage and grief of a parent that leads them to showing up with a gun, but this? This is not one of them. Especially not from someone in the police department. There was no point or purpose to Gerrard screwing up the rest of his life and abandoning his daughter, probably compounding her trauma now that she'll know her dad killed someone in cold blood.

I reiterate that what the rapist did was not bad enough to warrant revenge by bullet, especially not when there was still a perfectly good chance he would be punished through appropriate channels. So on that count, show, you fail. You fail hardcore at plausibility.

...funny, I really seem to remember liking this episode.

Next week: Looks exciting! Although Ms. Huntley has probably already written half a page about why Lindsay should have been killed by the taxi cab driver.

'The Office: Did I Stutter?
I love MTT. They predicted that Pam's "fun little quirk" would be that she wore glasses, and the inconvenience would be forgetting/losing her contacts/solution. They also predicted Stanley would utter the title and that there would be a proposal in this ep. Of course, I think they were predicting a marriage proposal, but still, they're prety darn good.

Also, I'm kind of glad that Stanley said the title, because I had built up "Did I Stutter" in my head to be a grandiose thing of Casino Night proportions, with a bittersweet twinge for Jam, and I couldn't shake the fear that it would throw things into worrisome upheaval. I, of course, took "stutter" at its most figurative interpretation, thinking of stumbling blocks along the seemingly clear path to happiness for those two. OTHER TV HAS MADE ME PARANOID. And sometimes I forget that this show does not revolve 100% around Jim and Pam, just like I forget that Lupin & Tonks weren't the main characters in Harry Potter.

Question: when did this show get renamed Everybody Hates Jim?

I'm not complaining, exactly. This was awkward and uncomfortable, but in a good way, because this time it wasn't really Jim's fault. The poor guy gets pulled in by a couple of people who've always been reasonably friendly or at least nice to him, with sports talk no less, and it's all shaping up to be a really nice moment of downtime - see, I love proof that Jim can get along with anyone - and then WHAM. PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE BLINDSIDE.

You see, this results in Serious Jim, who does not come around very often, but when he does, he blows everyone else out of the water. Most of the characters are varying degrees of silly to ridiculous, and so even when you feel bad for them as they cry in stairwells, it doesn't really hit an emotional chord. It does with Jim. When he's gutted, you're gutted, and so I just kind of stared at the TV with the same expression of shock and disbelief as it sank in. Ryan, I really love you, but please don't make me choose sides in this case, because YOU WILL LOSE. Having Toby on your side does not help. (Apparently more died last week than just my Toby/Pam inclinations. It makes me sad that Toby is now in the company of Michael, Kevin and Andy on the list of people I want to throw in the Fiery Pit of Doom)

So him going back to his desk, for example, all the wind out of his sails, and the very fake reassuring smile. That was excellent. However, I think maybe...I could do with a dose of Serious Pam at some point soon. I like Fancy New Beesly, and it's nice to see her smiling all the time, but aside from one delightful cheek kiss by the vending machine I feel like everything she says to him is teasing or a joke. Which is how they operate most of the time, but I worry that she's sort of...I don't know how to explain it, holding him at arm's length? Like it's just a great big ball of fun now that he's back and back in her life, without any emotional gravitas on her end.

I suppose I should cling to after the joke, when she looked like she knew there was more going on but couldn't ask right now. And I suppose she did look legitimately upset after half a day of jokes at her expense culminated in extremely creepy sexual harassment from Kevin. Clearly she and Jim just need to go home and comfort each other. (Quotes around "comfort" optional)

Another question: does every single man in the office have to hit on Pam? Yes, I know she's very pretty, but doesn't Kelly still work there? Surely at least one of the pervy guys thinks she's hot too. Or have they forgotten about her now that she no longer speaks? *is going through Kelly withdrawal*

Wow, I'm all over the place tonight. Let me finish on the Jam front - I really don't want the fake proposals to drag out any farther than the next episode, but as long as they're still bringing the funny, I'm happy. (I'm also happy that we know Pam's middle name, and refuse to listen to accusations of retconning because that would kill my happiness.) I winced through it the first time, but upon seeing Pam's reaction, I've rewound that like 800 times. I think it may be my favorite part of the episode. And I jumped right on the fact that she says "If you propose to me during a Michael meeting, I will say no." Which very clearly implies that any other time, she would say yes, and...I still cannot shake that worried feeling at the back of my mind, but I'm trying to think optimistic thoughts. Plus, taking her by the hand and leading her out at the end was great.

Did other stuff happen in this episode? I can't...can't quite remember...oh, right. See, I actually did like this episode, overall. I figured I would, since they have a habit of airing awesome episodes on weeks where I have to spend all night writing a paper. A few other things of note:

1. I don't really like Dwight. However, I want him to triumph at all times over Andy, so I was doing victory dances when he not only got Andy's car for a steal, but flipped it. EXCELLENT. And I love that his display of prowess clearly turned Angela on. As much as it disturbs me to recognize Angela's turned-on face, I cheer victoriously for the ship of Dwangela, which has merely been cooling its heels off shore, biding its time, and was never in any danger of sinking.

2. Dwight's flow chart of power structure was seriously amazing. Huge props to whoever came up with and designed that.

3. Every time I start to think that I might not completely hate Michael at all times - like tonight, when the general excellence of the episode actually made me chuckle at his lines a fair few times - something like the CLOSING SCENE OF FAIL happens. Like, how could you get even halfway through filming that and not realize that it needs to be cut immediately? And not even saved for a deleted scene, just cut and destroyed. Michael Scott doing impressions is the dumbest thing I have ever seen, and I'm including driving into a lake.

And the fact that it just went on and on and on... I was typing commentary as I half-watched, half-listened, but I even stopped typing to just stare at the screen in amazement at its sheer length. You know how Family Guy thinks it's hysterical by repeating a gag on loop until it's not even remotely funny anymore? That was approaching Family Guy territory. You're better than that, Office writers.

4. I'm telling you, when Stanley went off on Michael (both times), I stood up and CHEERED. Was Stanley disrespectful? Yes. Do I think he went overboard? Absolutely not. This is Michael we're talking about here; normal workplace rules do not apply. People ought to yell things like this at him on a regular basis. Either it will finally get through to him and he'll shape up, or he'll be too emotionally crippled to continue working there. Either way is fine with me.

5. I wholeheartedly agreed with Stanley when he had a strange moment of respecting Michael, too. It was weird to see him behave like a normal boss for a second there. (of course, he ultimately killed that respect with the ending monologue)

6. OH! I almost forgot Darryl. Darryl is hard for me to watch this season, with this sudden puffy look, but his straight-faced messing with Michael remains the greatest thing ever. I was practically rolling on the ground as he gave a serious lecture about the intricacies of the many gangs he's been in. Man, I never would have guessed that gangs employ tickling either.

Now, in an unrelated note, I've got a bone to pick with 30 Rock. I've seen it a few times this year already, but now that it comes on after The Office, I'm pretty much stuck watching it because there's nothing else with which to fill that half hour, and I have to watch Office for the roommate bonding or whatever. But while all the other Office fans practically wet themselves with adoration, I CANNOT STAND IT.

Maybe it's because I don't like Tina Fey - I feel like she gets way too much exposure - or maybe because my feelings about creepy Alec Baldwin bleed over into any characters he plays - oh, and it doesn't help that Tracey Morgan is on there too; words cannot express my loathing for Saturday Night Live - but it is just not that funny! At all! So you combine three people I can't stand (four, if that weirdo from Arrested Development is a recurring character) with storylines that make me laugh maybe, I don't know, twice over the course of a half hour, and you have a recipe for a big waste of time. Of course, I could also write you a small novel on what I think of Arrested Development (hint: it's all negative), so maybe there's a connection there.

'Lost: 4x10, "Something Nice Back Home" "Now that I've read the spoilers, though, Ahoy S.S. Jacket!"
HAHAHA, THE IRONY! IT BURNS! It especially burns because Elizabeth Mitchell said in an interview that "After reading this episode, I realized that Juliet truly does love him." And I thought, hey, that sounds excellent! I didn't even listen to the voice that worried it was 1-sided love, choosing instead to wear my Optimism Hat.
I should never wear my Optimism Hat. Partly because I just realized it bears a giant target super-imposed over a picture of jagged rocks that says "AIM SHIP HERE."

Flash Forwards
Because hey, you know what I was just saying to myself? I don't feel I've seen enough JACK lately.

The first thing I latched onto was the newspaper headline that said "Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in series sweep" and because I know nothing about baseball, I was like "AH-HAH! But the Red Sox won the World Series the second time, they did not get swept; ergo, this is a subtle clue that this future is not real! It is an alternate world, a possible future, or possibly all in Jack's head due to a fever dream from his current state of illness." I honestly believed this the whole way through, even though it got really hard to stick to during the proposal and everything. I was getting excited by how many people would get blindsided later.
And then I jumped online to read the fabulous discussion, and found out I was completely wrong. Which sucked.

Of course it would be Kate in the shower. They wanted us to think it was Juliet, and for a second I even wondered, wildly, if it might be Sarah, but of course it was Kate. Once I saw her in the flesh, I grimaced (but also noted how completely surreal it looked, thus lending credence to my alternate-future theory). Once they kissed, I had to dry-heave a little. I held off on actually vomiting until she started wandering around the house without pants, and they started making out with her legs wrapped around his hips. Then all was lost.

Also, I feel distinctly cranky about the fact that Skaters had to put up with actual network-style porn from their couple (I'm scarred for life from the tent sex), while the Jaters get the most beautiful domestic scene possible. I could actually feel my heart curl up and burst into flames with jealousy at the sight of Jack reading to Aaron (cute 3-year-old Aaron, not ugly baby Aaron, I might add). Because if I were on board with this ship, I would be dead several times over from that image. I would be freaking out all over the place, and rejoicing in the subsequent hallway scene. Instead I just felt deep, deep-scored resentment. And I mean, it's not even that I'd want or believe Sawyer in this same scene, but I just feel...bitter and sulky that such gold is being wasted on a couple I do not care about.

I take slight solace in the fact that Jack did not actually bend over and kiss the boy's forehead. I don't think I could have handled that.

And further on the domestic perfection, the marriage proposal. It certainly was perfection, and again, any other couple, I'd be sighing and dreamily rewinding the scene a hundred times. Personally, I DID NOT NEED A WEIRD JATE PROPOSAL THANK YOU. ESPECIALLY NOT WITH A YES ANSWER. (I was rocking back and forth, chanting "Not real not real not real.")

"*sulks* I hate the sound of Jate victory celebrations. I can hear them from here. They are rejoicing in my misery, I know they are. I thought we'd come to a truce when Skaters won, but apparently the war is still VERY REAL and VERY, VERY BITTER."

[2010 Edit: *tugs at ear* So, uh, yeah. This episode gets 350% better in retrospect. Don't read the next part, Future Me! Spare yourself!]

Now, our side is going to spin it, not completely incorrectly, to point out that Jate doesn't have a happy *ending.* That even if Kate really does love him and is over Sawyer at this point, their relationship falls apart, as it always does, between Jack's control issues and Kate's general Issues, and it's altogether fairly unhealthy and generally wrong.

But the other side can also spin it, also not incorrectly, that they did have a period of real happiness. That, much as it pains me to say so, they did look truly happy, and I could have seen them married and raising a family. And I'm not convinced it's a permanent ending. Might take a while, but I can see them working through it if they ever break free of the island's stranglehold. So I suppose I should be commending the fact that these flash scenes satisfy a wide range of fans, Too cranky about icky Jate. My potential tolerance is officially no more. That seems to be happening a lot in my Thursday shows lately.

[2010 Edit: On second thought, that section is kind of amazing.]

Jack's Island Triangle
The real pity is that this episode started out so well - it was as wonderful as last week's scene was awful, with Juliet quietly but insistently waking up a sleeping/unconscious Jack. Because Jacket > Jate.

It was a pity the flash-forwards ruined everything after that, because without them, even with Kate buzzing obnoxiously around the operating tent, I could have been quite happy with Juliet performing emergency wilderness surgery on her paramour. This - appendicitis itself and/or general surgery with minimal anesthetization - is another one of those wildly improbable hurt/comfort scenarios that I love to envision, but which are really hard to pull off in context. So that makes two such scenes that Jacket has given me (the other being burning/branding, a/k/a what flipped me onto the ship in the first place). No wonder I love them!

And I just really love the dynamic they have, two doctors, with Juliet's ability to stay completely clear-headed and compartmentalize. (also - "I respectfully disagree." HAH. I love her.)

I could have done without the stomach shaving, though. That was unnecessary. For me to watch.

And then there was the end, with Juliet telling Kate about how Jack had kissed her. Me: "Well, that was cruel, Juli....OH NO. *figures it out*" And sure enough, she concluded "But it wasn't for me," and my heart plummeted to my feet as the naysayers won, and I was once again on the wrong side. I had been over the moon about the sweetness of their kiss. Everyone else said it lacked chemistry, I said they were just stupid and spoiled by movies. And damn them for being right. She thinks he was trying to prove to himself "that he doesn't love someone else." And that's right about where I exploded in a big ball o' rage with "DAMN IT, LOST, YOU CAN'T SHOOT ALL MY SHIPS AND THEN SMASH THE TWO I HAVE LEFT ON THE ROCKS!"

I'd already given up hope on Kate/Sawyer, given the way the former keeps dumping him and mooning over Jack (and living with him in the future), but I figured hey, if Kate wanted to make herself miserable by being alone instead of with the guy that loved her, that was her problem. Jack doesn't need you! And suddenly that hope's all gone if Jack's still stupidly hung up on Kate, instead of being with the rather more AWESOME woman currently saving his life. Which sucks.

Horse Herd
Oh COME ON. You're going to make me relive the deaths of Rousseau & Karl all over again? That hurt. Set off a whole round of whimpering when Miles uncovered their faces in the dirt; I don't know whether to commend the show for so effectively debunking any fan theories about the Rousseau's escape or KICK THEIR ASSES for taking away the last shreds of hope that she's still alive.

However, it gave me plenty to squee over with Claire & Sawyer, between him putting a hand on her shoulder as she turns away from the gruesome sight, and the absolutely amazing look on his face when Claire begs to just leave the scene. And whispering! I don't know about you, but I would believe myself impervious to bullets if Sawyer whispered that everything would be fine. Certainly calmed Claire down, anyway.

And oh, man, I LOVE Sawyer's "restraining order." Come on Miles, what did you expect, staring down at her from above in your Evil Hoodie with a creepy, calculating smile on your face? Protective!Sawyer for the win! *dies* "Two more scenes of this, I swear, two more scenes, and it ain't gonna be my wayward ship anymore. I'm gonna start rooting for canon." I mean, Claire >>>>> Kate. And so if we can somehow forget about how much he loved Kate, I would totally buy him caring about Claire the same way. Also, Claire would not FIGHT HIM AT EVERY STEP. Got that out of her system with Charlie.

Subsequent scene #1: Hiding from Keamy? Oh, I cannot tell you how much I loved Sawyer taking Claire's hand to pull her into the bushes. And when Aaron started whimpering, even though I knew they weren't going to get caught, I still cringed with anticipation. And Sawyer's reaction - season 1 Sawyer, aside from the fact that he wouldn't be leading a ragtag band like this in the first place, would have had words about squalling infants almost costing him his life. Season 4 Sawyer just heaves a long sigh. They're in this together, for good or bad.

(Wait, how are all the Freighties still alive? THE HELL, SMOKEY. DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY.)

Apparently I did not need a subsequent scene #2, because after Juliet destroyed my last vestiges of hope for J/J, I officially stopped resisting. "Ah, to hell with it. SAWYER/CLAIRE OTP."

First scene in full-on shipping mode: Sawyer livid & ready to tear Miles apart for snickering about how Claire just strolled off into the jungle, and wasn't it a shame (Miles) couldn't do anything to stop her? Followed by the finding of Aaron and picking him up (babies are ugly, but they still exponentially increase the hotness of any already-attractive man holding them), and frantic yelling of Claire's name. OTP INDEED.

And I am ridiculously excited to find that I am not alone in this thinking! People all over the place are seeing the light of Sawyer/Claire right along with me. I'm really excited by this, because honestly, I didn't think I could ever seriously stop adoring Kate/Sawyer, and yet...this is one of the rare times in my life that I've gotten bored with a pairing (and a canon pairing at that!). Normally I cling to couples forever, but for once, I'm ready to be done with this one, at least in terms of current/future episodes. Sawyer/Claire is shiny and full of potential. Sawyer/Kate is old and tired, and it's mostly due to how much I dislike Kate. I held out longer than most people who turned on her, but now I think I'm done, even if only temporarily. At this point, even Jack is more fun to watch.

So you can imagine my -.- face when the episode ended with Claire disappearing, thus taking away my anticipation of future scenes with them. My expression got even flatter when I heard that "Doc Jensen from has a theory that Claire died in the RPG attack last week and the version of her that we saw in this episode is merely a remnant of her, much like Eko's brother and Kate's horse," because that sounds so horribly plausible. SERIOUSLY, WRITERS, IT IS SO NOT EVEN FUNNY IF YOU KILL YET ANOTHER ONE OF MY SHIPS. Especially without giving me a chance to properly enjoy it.

Do you people not understand why I watch this show? I don't care about your theories! Your grandiose mysteries are useless! Ben sucks! I tuned into this show for the story of people surviving on an island, and you twisted it into something strange and dark about science fiction and paranormal spookiness. I put up with it, but it is not and is never going to be why this show rocks, so get over yourselves already and leave my characters alone!

*crosses fingers that Claire is not actually dead*

Oh my God, I don't care about Daniel and Charlotte all. The interest I had in the latter when she first appeared has since been obliterated by her raging bitch attitude, and I'm as sick of them as I am of Jin and Sun. Yes, I know I wept over Jin's grave, but most of the time, they're not that interesting. And Sun by herself is never interesting at all, so it pretty much grates on my nerves whenever she speaks.

Other Stuff
-I am so over Christian Shepherd, you don't even know. Although the smoke detector dying at his appearance was a cool touch, which I didn't even notice until other people pointed it out.
-The complete lack of both Ben and Locke was refreshing and wonderful, even though I had to put up with Rose and Bernard, both of whom irritate and bore me by turns. Why don't you kill one of them off?
-I did my best Hyde (That 70's Show) impression as Jack started questioning Kate at the end of the flash-forwards, all hunched over and chanting, with inappropriate glee, "Come on, fight! Fight! Fight!"
-And the way they phrased it, I thought Jack was implying that Kate was cheating with the babysitter. And then I thought it would be weirdly fantastic, and possibly greatly improve her character, if Kate turned out to be having a lesbian affair.
-I don't know whether to be happy or gutted about the fact that Sawyer is still on the island in the future. On the one hand, not dead! Skate reunion still vaguely possible, in theory! On the other, WTF do you mean he CHOSE to say behind?!
'Grey's Anatomy: Where the Wild Things Are
Previously on Grey's Anatomy: I was all over Derek/Rose, and way over Mer/Der, and Shonda Rhimes couldn't think of anything she hated more than marriage.
Um...I know I said I wasn't going to watch this show until summer, but then I caved and watched the first post-strike episode after all when I realized it was just sitting on my desktop, taunting me (MUST LEARN TO MOVE THINGS INTO THE TV FOLDER IMMEDIATELY). I couldn't even work up the energy to do a full-blown rantview, though, so I have condensed my reactions into 8 thoughts, not chronological, + 2 extras:
1. Sometimes you can ignore it when cases are conveniently similar to what's happening in the doctors' personal lives. Sometimes it is ridiculously over the top. "HE MARRIED HIS REBOUND GIRL" qualifies as the latter. I couldn't even concentrate on the case, which frankly looked pretty cool, what with involving a bear attack, because all I could focus on was how stupid that whole subsection of it was. Oh dear, oh noes, in my boots shake my toes; should Meredith be worried about dear Rose? *rolls eyes* (also, haha, I completely forgot that Meredith herself was a rebound girl. That adds a whole new layer of interest)
2. The notion of Derek/Rose continues to be excellent and fill my heart with joy - nothing more so than when I heard they hadn't slept together yet! - so I do not appreciate the universe dumping on her. Especially when that universe includes McDreamy among its ranks. Derek, I love you. I do. But I will kick your ass if you string Rose along when you are clearly Not That Into Her. Nurse Rose is on my "Fuck You, She's Awesome" list, and I kinda feel like this is what it must have been like for the people who shipped Jim/Karen or Doctor/Martha, but I like her and think she deserves the world. Her time is limited, I know, but I'm determined to enjoy it while it lasts. How do you not love them after teasing like "You're gonna die of a diabetic coma"? (well, it was cute in context)
3. Plus I'm just really tired of Meredith at the moment. Whine, mope, mope, therapy, YAWN.
4. Could someone please explain to Shonda how in her universe, time moves like molasses, and therefore was probably the only show on TV that didn't need to explain a time gap for the duration of the strike? Jumping ahead 5 weeks = fail.
5. Lexie is adorable! The subplot of her sticky fingers was stupid and grated on my nerves - especially when she took a freakin PAINTING off the wall - but I did love her earnestness at the end. She was trying so hard to make George happy, so earnestly puppyish, that I half-expected to see her wagging a tail. And I love her when she's like that. I love the notion of them living together - though do not believe that they, especially with a split rent, they can't afford somewhere without ROACHES* - and I'm just not even going to care about potential coupledom at this point. I know Shonda must be burning up with impatience that Lexie's only slept with one staff member so far, and I thus fear a hookup, but I really don't care either way. Seeing them hang out as friends brings a smile to my face.
6. * = ROACHES OMG EW GROSS. Actually worse than all the blood and (literal) guts at the hospital.
7. The best part of the contest was Cristina violently hip-checking Izzie. The worst part was anything involving Alex, because I can't stand him. Or maybe it was when Meredith won and was completely joyless. Talk about an anti-climatic ending.
8. How did George even notice Izzie's hair? First of all, it wasn't all that long or pretty (I'm sorry, "hot") to begin with, and second of all, I spent the rest of the episode looking at it, and I still could not see a particularly drastic difference.
+1. I heard a rumor that the show might take a Hahn/Callie route. (rumor, not spoiler) I still don't know how to feel about that. On the one hand, I guess it's plausible, and considering I hate them both, I should be fine with shoving them aside to deal with each other. On the other, I fear we shall be forced to witness it, and I am so not interested in that. Plus, I'm not looking forward to the subsequent flood of press the show would get about its amazing and sensitive portrayal of lesbian relationships. That crap gets old fast. I really hope it's just a rumor.
+2. Part of me is ultra excited that Addison is back in the next episode, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Part of me is putting it off because Derek/Addison will always be my #1 ship, and I think it will kind of suck to have it competing in the same space as the inevitable Mer/Der and the currently pleasant alternative of Rose/Der.
Finally: Let it be known that I do not watch Ugly Betty, despite the America Ferrara content, and I never will. I've seen part of an episode or two and do not find it engaging in the slightest. When it first premiered, the concept sounded excellent, but then it turned out to be a weird soap opera with a ludicrously unbelievable main character, to the point where I said "Even *I* would make fun of her behind her back." However, scrolling through the front page of TV Squad last week, this picture:


caused me to start spontaneously shipping Henry/Betty, even though I have no idea who Henry is beyond "that kid from Popular" and only know his name from the review. Because, look at them! Curled up like little baby cats! I can has a Henry? This picture causes me no end of rapturous joy. I think it might have to become my new desktop picture or something, that's how much I love it. Just wanted to note this odd new sorta-ship for the record. (also, what is this 'who will she choose, Henry or Gio' blurb?! There is no choosing! Are you not looking at this picture, woman?!)
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