May 12th, 2013


Survivor Finale Bonanza Time!

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Aside from that, I left the internet for 36 hours and came back to find the pre-upfronts cancellation bloodbath in full swing. AXES EVERYWHERE! I was in total shock to see that Go On won't, until I investigated with that highly tactical tool Wikipedia to see its ratings had been cut 33% after Christmas, and kept sliding down until they were averaging around and under 3 million viewers by the last few weeks. I wish I'd been paying attention, because THAT SHOW IS NOT READY TO BE OVER, SORRY, IT'S JUST NOT. The Mindy Project is an example of a show that had a cute little run but is ready to be over with no ill effects. (So of course that's the only new comedy coming back. I'm happy for Kaling, but not as a viewer.)

CSI: NY is apparently over too. Sighing that Grey's Anatomy won the 2004-2005 Last Show Standing crown after all, but otherwise I can't really have feelings about it until I get around to watching this season. Which I am totally looking forward to this summer.

Pretty excited to see Whitney go down, but pretty WTF??? about Community, which honestly, I don't even understand its renewal, no matter how massive its social media credit rating. What is season 5 even going to look like?

Also super excited to watch The New Normal die. That's another one I just assumed had staying power, but HAHAHA NOPE. Granted, this just gives Ryan Murphy license to focus on his newer and far more horrible show, and my Tumblr was mercifully TNN-free once I blacklisted the show title, but any day I saw Andrew Rannells' face was automatically a worse day. So I am glad that little experiment is over and done with.