June 22nd, 2013



First of all, I was watching a Criminal Minds rerun a few nights ago, and...EXCUSE YOU WHY DID NO ONE INFORM ME THERE WAS A GLORIOUS AU WORLD OF CRACK where Adam Rove and Luke Girardi from Joan of Arcadia are evil teen partners in crime?? I was dead tired and barely paying attention so I wasn't real clear what they were being interrogated about, but oh man, that was a delightful mind-bender. The only way it could possibly have been better/more twisted would have been to hit up Amber Tamblyn for the role of the missing girl.
Remember that time I thought I'd finally grown too bored with Law & Order: SVU to bother with it ever again? How I ignored the entire season and then spoiled myself whenever people mentioned it so I knew everything that happened, and theoretically would feel no urgency to "catch up"? (spoiler alert, all of the nice things about Amaro's life have been taken away. That might be part of why I felt no quitter's remorse)

Apparently all I needed was a day of being too tired to move, thinking, "Man, I wish I had some TV to passively absorb that I haven't seen before. But nothing too taxing or important. I'm not ready even for low-impact CSI: NY right now. OOH I KNOW."

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And then I watched The Vow, which I've been putting off for almost a month because I knew I'd start crying pretty quick, but GOOD LORD. I'm actually exhausted from sobbing so hard. I stopped being able to control it or even figure out what was affecting me so much, it was just an unstoppable force.

[minor movie discusion here]I don't even know if it was entirely the movie or just me using the movie to project. (let's be real, sometimes I watch sad things just to trigger myself. It's like emotional porn) I love McAdams, and Channing Tatum is kind of decent when he pulls himself together for a serious role about being in eternally devoted love, so they had really good chemistry - with a lesser actor (like the guy playing her ex-fiancee), it wouldn't have been half as effective.

Even so, I felt like the movie got way more bogged down in her family than in showing us their life pre-accident, or the early recovery period*, or even on him trying to win her back. I wasn't really sold on the magic of these particular characters so much - it felt like I was just being told how much he loved her without understanding why. And maybe that's the point, to put yourself in Paige's shoes, but surely he could have done some more work in the face department to make your stomach turn flips and want her to fall back in love with him. It's billed as a love story, and it is, but there was also just a little much emphasis on "independence is awesome and it's important to know yourself first." That is a great message, but if the story's in a Hallmark box, I want it to be about white knights and love as the saving grace, kthnxbai.

*I was really mad about how quickly they glossed over the hospital time. It felt like about five minutes between the accident and her coming home.

Mostly I just kept thinking about the real life couple, though, and how horrible it would be to have that happen to you. It would be like losing your spouse to death and divorce at the same time.

[bonus ending spoilers]
The ending was realistic, or at least as realistic as you can expect for a happy ending, but it didn't exactly do a lot to quell the sobbing as opposed to "BUT YOU LEEEEFT. AND YOU STILL DON'T REMEMBER. WHAT IF YOU STILL DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM AND YOU LEAVE AGAIN." I was sunk way too deep in misery for that to feel optimistic at all; I think I may need to watch the last few minutes again tomorrow with a clear head.