September 22nd, 2013


"We're doing this? Let's do this."

If I could somehow .gif that line out of the New Girl remix with all appropriate AutoTune sound in place, I would. For now, let's just say I'm about to push my awakeness limits because NEARLY EMMY TIIIIIIME! [edit: if you click the link it takes you to that exact spot. perfect!]

I'm gonna go hang out on the Tumblr tag in real time, and I will see you back here in approximately 5 hours for my carefully polished "live" blog to be read after the fact. So you can relive the fun.

Now, gotta go get my anger primed & ready. *fluffs hair, rereads nominations reaction post*
7:30 PM: So far I am feeling like 5% rage and 95% SHEER INFINITE JOY. That opening! Tina Fey! The comedy writers bit! Tina Fey! I'm not even writing words, I'm just scribbling giddy circles on paper and keymashing my happiness at this point.

It's the number in the middle of the show!

You don't understand I think I am actually crying I love this awards show so much.

(and oh hey look we've liveblogging after all! that's a first)

(and now Mindy Kaling is here wearing an AMAZING outfit and I genuinely cannot cope with how much I love everyone and everything that is not Elton John tonight)