January 9th, 2014


Abbreviated Hell Week is almost over. *grits teeth*

And then I can do things like talk to people I know and comment again. But right now, I'm taking a 4-hour break to liveblog/edit the liveblog of the PCAs because they're hosted by my favorite female comedy team, I purposely went to bed instead of finishing my work to make sure I didn't stay up all night working and consequently sleep through them again, and most of all, I never got around to posting my liveblog from the Emmys, because despite how awesome the show was, my notes were super-boring. So. This is my training for the Grammys, I guess?

P.S. CBS is choosing to roll a full hour of 2 Broke Girls reruns out before the show starts. A+. I forgot how much I like the one where they (almost) go the Grammys -- even Caroline's rapping doesn't seem so awful now, since they escape the diner setting so early and it's basically just them & the guest stars the whole time.

People's Choice Awards 2014
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