February 10th, 2014


You know what I miss most? TELEVISION.

I still feel weird and out of sorts about everything and how much I've missed. I have literally posted three times in almost a MONTH. I have squillions of Notepad docs filled with random rambling, but I have no idea how to sort it into posts. I think I just need to wipe it clean, pretend a fire burned through the area, and start fresh.

SO: to begin with, I backdated my one and only TV post of the year, so you probably missed it. Which is too bad! Because there's a lot of stuff in it. Now, spoilers are a risk if you just looked at the post URL, so I have v. helpfully taken a screenshot -- because the cut text is important too -- and provided you with links to each section below, because that's how important I think my words are to you:

[Spoiler text!]

updated entry

The Middle:
The Mindy Project
Criminal Minds
How I Met Your Mother
+Feels on Glee Spoilers-

I have watched a few more episodes of shows beyond that, but for the most part, my existence is pretty Spartan and instead of good TV, I'm watching sitcom reruns. I also have not been reading -- I miss books so much. It's like I've literally forgotten how to read, and I wish I hadn't put a reading challenge on Goodreads because every time I visit the site it just mocks me how far behind I am. I've never been behind before! I've always been many books ahead! I just have no TIME to do anything except WORK, because it takes me days just to scrape up enough consecutive time to escape and go on a walk or meet Chris, both of which take priority, and both of which also exhaust me so that when I'm done, I just collapse.

BUT: one thing I have done is start to marathon season 4 of Community with Chris. Not in time to catch up and watch season 5 live, sadly, but at least I'm kinda less behind than before. I'm also pleased (or is it saddened?) to discover that I can't tell a difference between Harmon-less variety of Community vs. the original, but I'm not sure if that's just a by product of marathon watching, which I've never done before, and I know that marathon viewing always makes shows seem better.

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