March 28th, 2014


Math is hard, guise.

Reviewing a phone call request for information from a car dealership: "I would definitely not do business with this company. It is unacceptable to provide the customer with math problems."

...the "customer" (mystery shopper) asked for MPG values on a new car. The salesperson told him the highway mileage for both 4 and 6 cylinder engines, then said it was "minus 5 miles for the city." Customer is subsequently outraged about having to perform such wizard math as "31 - 5 = ????"

The Darkest Timeline Strikes Again

EMERGENCY BROADCAST ALERT: With only one week's warning, Television Without Pity is shutting down and taking all its recappy goodness down on April 4th. Great news to break on my birthday, guys. Thanks.

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...that was a really, really long rant, but I'm just that upset. I shall have to table my other TV talk for a new post.