April 21st, 2014


Suffering for Kat McPhee's art.

Right now, I am suffering through a Hallmark movie for the sole reason that it stars Katharine McPhee and Dale "Barbie" Barbra (or Mike Vogel, I guess) as dream-crossed lovers and MAN that is a whole lot of pretty destined to kiss. It is also a whole lot of cheesy dialogue and Overly Dramatic Music Moments. Like it's bad even by Hallmark standards, even though I know these two can act. TBH, it's probably a better movie on mute. And/or chopped down into only their dream sequences together. Maybe YouTube could mash those up and set them to music.
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...man, that tiny blog entry took all my energy and didn't even include any of my backlogged post topics. Which now include such new topics as:
* I found a new Savers!
* I might be doing something fun this summer, vacation-wise.
* ....I am too tired to even finish this list.