April 23rd, 2014


Come on and scream a little Louder

Roughly a month ago Chris gave me Lea Michele's "Louder" for my birthday, per my request, and it subsequently had the honor of becoming my First Driving Album of 2014. Once I confirmed I loved the title track, I decided I was going to save the rest of the songs and go on faith of loving her, so even knowing I was going to get it, the whole thing was still a surprise to unpack.

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Bright spots to my day
-we got our emails back at work, safe and sound. All 6,000 of my babies are back! (I should really probably clean it out someday)
-if I can get ahead of work tonight & tomorrow, I get to go to a library sale on Thursday morning! With Chris, even! IT'S GONNA BE MAGICAL.

II. HOLD UP what is happening on Game of Thrones?
Back during the Red Wedding, I vaguely remember a comment saying "lol just wait until we get to ____", which I've since forgotten but am assuming is what's happening RIGHT NOW because despite reading every spoiler text available, the first thing here came as a total jaw-dropping shock.
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III. I'm behind on Survivor, but as I haven't posted about it since March...
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