April 27th, 2014


Random post time

1. I narrowly avoided running over a rabbit last night, as in "I slammed on the brakes so hard when it darted in front of me that if there had been someone behind me they probably would have rear-ended me." I'm really glad I didn't hit the rabbit, because that's right after cat and dog on the list of "animals I would feel the most horrible about hitting," but I'm also worried about the likelihood of being rear-ended in the future because this is not an instinct I can turn off, and I also don't think I can change it to "swerve" instead of "stop."

2. I bought two things from Target last night that are pretty much amazing: Van Kaas hickory-wood-smoked gouda, which is currently on sale for $3! for an 8-oz. circle, and is the most amazingly flavored cheese I have everrrrr tasted in my entire life. Paired with Fuji Apple flavored sparkling water, it makes an indescribable treat. If I have already said this, ignore me.

3. I went to my 2nd favorite library sale of the year, and it was disappointing. I'm torn between "good job culling the actual culls and not the good books," and "BUT NOW I CAN'T OWN THE GOOD BOOKS CHEAPLY." Its most redeeming factor was the prevalence of 1980s hardcovers in teen fic, but as I had not read any of them, they were not enough to either ping nostalgia or stand out on their own. I paced around in frustration for like an hour and ultimately only came out with five items, only one or two of which I'm sure I'm keeping. $4.50 for the batch.
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Are you happy?

It rained, stormed and (briefly) hailed on and off literally all day, complete with whipping winds, which made it just the very best day to stay indoors all day. I still had to polish off a little bit of work in the morning, but not much, and following that I was able to read -- gloriously read!! for fun! -- for like six straight hours, and then I spent another 2.5 watching a disc of That 70's Show. I was really looking forward to finally having time to walk, because I have basically had zero time for exercise this entire month and I can feel the weight I've gained and it's physically uncomfortable, but on the other hand...I was also really secretly glad to have an excuse to read again.
Last night, boyfriend and I went to see a high school production of "Fahrenheit 451," because it's one of his favorite/most formative books and I happened to see it being advertised on my route to work. I...did not fully love it, but the actors were good, the set was pretty great, and most importantly, he loved it, so I had a good time. [edit: especially after I wrote this post, having had time to digest what I saw instead of trying to both follow/understand the story and form opinions about it at the same time.] Let me tell you a thing or two about it, though:

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IN CONCLUSION: I would never have gone to see this on my own and recommending it to book lovers might be like telling an animal lover they'll enjoy an eye-opening slaughterhouse exposé. But it turns out there are some pretty neat ladies in it, once I made myself actively think about it, and it was better than I thought it would be.