August 2nd, 2014


I feel peevish, so I shall list random things instead.

-I reunited someone on whatwasthatbook with a Lynn Hall book (The Solitary). I feel pretty good about that, not least because no one else had commented on the 4-day-old post.

-A Herberger's Clearance store opened up near my house recently, featuring mind-boggling deals on last year's clearance merchandise -- you can oftentimes find epic amounts of underwear, swimsuits, shirts, dresses and pants for $4-12 apiece, and sometimes less (I saw one particular rack of short skirts going for $2). What's also mind-boggling is how ugly most of it it is. Seriously. Like 2% of that store is something I might wear. Those skirts, for instance? Knee-length or a bit shorter navy and pure lace, like frumpy/old-fashioned church wear. Yesterday I did find some nice Jockey underwear for $2/pair, but when it comes to outerwear, it's just depressing. The worst part is it all looks fine, even eye-catching, until you get up close. It's like the Cheerleader Effect of clothing.

-But speaking of deals that are great, have you tried Nestea's Liquid Water Enhancers? If not, and you like the taste of Nestea, hustle your butt to the nearest Dollar Tree and swoop in.
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-Incentive to be up and about before 8am: if I can start work by 7, I can afford time to get a fancy coffee drink to spur myself along.