August 7th, 2014


Day o' Thrift Experiences

I found another partially-filled-out journal (10 or so entries) while out thrifting. A woman in her early 60s, and this time there was a full first and last name inside the cover, with sporadic entries from 2000-2004. But once again, it was a spirituality-based journal. A little more personal detail this time (in one she mentioned learning her son's 5th child was going to be born with spina bifida), but at least half the entries were about what she read in bible study and it was like all roads led to prayer and her relationship with God.

Yesterday was also the G3 My Little Pony bonanza. If only I didn't hate G3s (21st century before the even-worse TV show version) -- I found more than half dozen between two thrift stores, neither of which were Savers, including one with puffy wings which I assume is G3's answer to Flutter Ponies ("Star Catcher," her name is).

Instead, I bought brand new black leggings on the cheap to wear under dresses when I don't want bare legs but don't want the struggle of tights. Fleece-lined leggings, so not really workable for summer (which is a pity as most of my short dresses are summer dresses), but they do have a nice shiny spandex-y outside.