December 17th, 2014



I have literally no other reactions to the entire finale right now except forCollapse )

(But am I going to spend decidedly more than the 3 weeks I anticipated being a full-blown fangirl? I am pretty sure I am. All this is really doing is giving me further incentive to pay way more credit toward Josh than I ever anticipated. And since I'm big on ragging people for the lack of apologies tonight, I hereby fully apologize for dubbing the latter squirrelly and/or conniving and/or a slimeball. Like, this is the second time in two years I'm mad I can't go to New York because I would totally claw some faces to try for a ticket to the 54 Below show.)

(edit: SO MANY FACES. Not only do they have Krysta Rodriguez, but
It's kind of based on our theatre and "Survivor" situation, so it's called From Broadway to "Survivor" ... It's going to follow our careers before "Survivor" and our relationship and how that all came about and how it is to be two guys dating each other who are both actors, both singers, both dancers — but one of us is maybe a better dancer, and the other one is a little better singer, and how that plays out when you're dating someone in a field where you're competing against one another, so to speak.)

(Are you allowed to record things at whatever this place is? Can Tumblr secretly be full of obsessive people who at least write about the experience? Will that fan forum get on it? Can I train the Klaine fandom to drop their awful show and target their fannish powers of obsessiveness and talent in the same direction I'm going in? It's relevant to your interests, I swear! Way more than the Teen Wolf you're all on.)