December 27th, 2014



My darling boyfriend got me EXACTLY what I wanted for Christmas, what I in fact have wanted for as many years as I have been collecting old books.

I requested "any children's book published before 1970 with a horse or a dog on the cover." Since I neglected to specify "don't get any books you've heard of," a lesser person might have come back with Big Red or The Black Stallion. But him, he goes off to the Best Bookstore Ever and returns with two wildlife-themed juvenile novels, one from the 40s and one from the 60s, Sentinal of Snow Peak and Wilderness Champion. And I not only didn't have them, I'd never even heard of them. That's the actual dream. For someone to surprise me with wonderful old animal books.

Plus, the 1945 one has a note saying "under Government regulations for saving paper during the war, the thickness of this book has been reduced below the customary peacetime standards." I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED A BOOK THAT SAYS THAT!