December 31st, 2014


I have done a lot of stuff in the past 48 hours.

1. I applied for health insurance! I am only at the beginning stage so I don't have a plan yet, but I apparently qualify for medical assistance so my monthly payment might be $0.Collapse )

2. I saw Into the Woods yesterday, and it was more wonderful than I ever hoped.

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3. I watched an episode of Mad Men with Mom, must have been season 7. I was interested in some of the clothes, but as for the actual characters and plot, SO MUCH MEH. At least it wasn't as gross as I feared it would be, although I also don't know how explicit that threesome got before I nope'd on out. Also, Sally Draper is the most obnoxious little snot, good reasons or not. She's the only character who was nothing like I imagined -- everyone else, I totally had right thanks to Fandom Osmosis.

4. I also watched my first episode of Downton Abbey, something about presenting people at court and hunting for a letter. As above, the costumes and set dressing were lovely, but it was pretty bland, except for the people I already like via osmosis: Mary Crawley, Maggie Smith's character, and the latter's awesome disdain for The American. I may watch more or start from the beginning, but it's not a priority.
P.S. Question about the Christmas special:
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5. I am STILL not ready to let go of Survivor, so having finally posted my finale review, here is a Reddit AMA Josh did and some interesting things gleaned from it:

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Mt. Fandom


[TIMELINE NOTE: I didn't actually make this post public until like a month into 2015, but it was 95% done this whole time. I was just tinkering with the idea of adding pictures for the "top shippy moments," which ultimately I just gave up on and did not do.]

My memory feels super sieve-like this year, so I literally went back through all 50+ entries under my 2014 "tv commentary" tag to compile these lists. The spirit of these lists is such that I probably shouldn't include anything I didn't remember on my own, but TOO BAD. Also, just fyi, I am super bad at sticking to single answers, so this is almost more of an encyclopedic review of my entire year in fandom.

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Reading List / Movie List 2014

I am super lazy this year and I gave up on adding books, so only the movies go here now.

ETA: Four years later, I am tired of this gaping hole on my LJ, so I am retroactively creating the book list. It's missing page counts and links to individaul reviews on my Goodreads account, but otherwise it's the same as all my other years. Formatting is as follows: bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked and may reread it, plain text indicates anything from good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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