January 4th, 2015


Quick Hits (subtitled "I don't even know what day of the week it is anymore")

+ I finally got to pet the cat Chris has been hiding* from me since we met! (*well, not literally, but they live on different levels of the house)Collapse )

Anyway, I finally have to resume working full time tomorrow (well, my version of full time), so I'm trying to convince myself to make SOME kind of progress tonight, whether it's finishing easy shops or just reviewing new work, because none of it's really hard but I also know that I am not in shape to blaze through a full 4 or 5 hours' worth of work in the morning without stopping. So far I've finished 10% of what was due. It's been about 80 minutes since I sat down at the computer, and that should have taken 15 minutes. Which means I probably should have tried going to bed and being well rested instead, but...
Renaissance horse


♫I know it doesn't matter if / I write this in a jiff / or if I spend all night on stuuuuupid rhymes
But it was such delight / To watch a washed-up knight / I really love all of these craaaacky times♫

Collapse )

Also, I'm very glad I watched it live, because apparently by "comedy extravangza" they partly meant "we will write the voiceover scripts for our other shows' promos to the tune of this show's theme song, and play them during every commercial break." I'm just impressed by the versatality. It's not a big stretch to describe The Goldbergs or The Middle, but working Revenge and Resurrection seems tougher. IS THERE ONE FOR CASTLE? THAT WOULD BE BEST.

P.S. UNRELATEDLY: I clicked on the most mean-spirited celebrity list I've ever seen, "15 Celebrities with Unattractive Significant Others," which was surprisingly mostly valid -- for instance, if you look like Isla Fischer and marry Sacha Baron Cohen, I will judge you for many reasons -- but then #2 was "John Krasinski and Emily Blunt." I literally stared at the headline for three full minutes trying to figure out which one was supposed to be the unattractive one. Then I chose wrong.