January 8th, 2015


2 Broke Girls and the Magically Delightful Season 4

My Wednesday was just miserable, and I missed the PCAs like I always do because WHY ARE YOU ON A RANDOM WEDNESDAY, although tbf that's probably a good thing since I'm behind on all the shows they'd likely be playing clips from. After a quick glance, I am unclear how Grey's Anatomy came back out of obscurity and won left and right, but I see Colfer nailed his category again, which is awesome. I am not presently logged into Tumblr but I look forward to finding out if he danced with Cooper as promised.

Anyway, since my Wednesday was SO very miserable and I was even more depressed when I found out Stalker wasn't actually coming back until next week, I curled up in bed and caught up on that adorable/arguably very crude show about best friends in a Boston marriage.

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