January 22nd, 2015


"I think I just had a tiny little orgasm."

First, fandom alcohol works! The night after my last post I dreamed that I watched a version of season 6, and it was still hurtful but it was better than I thought it would be (no Karofsky), so I woke up with a sense of peace. My brain does this sometimes when it takes a harsh beating, comes up with fake versions that make it feel like I've watched a real episode even when I can't remember specifics. It's like one of those diet supplements that makes you feel full.

But the real reason I'm posting today: "The Season of Satan" has actually done something WONDERFUL that in no way makes up for all the pure garbage it has been spewing into my once beloved native streams, but is currently making me giddy to the point of lunacy every time I see it mentioned so I'm going to make a whole post about it.

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Mt. Fandom

Never forget the annual January bloodbath.

("and other adventures in TV catchup")

NCIS, 12x11, "Check"
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NCIS, 12x12, "The Enemy Within"
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I've also been watching some Mindy Project behind the scenes, mostly because I ran out of other new sitcom episodes to watch before bed and I was like, "Ugh, fine, I think enough annoyance is out of my system that I could tolerate adding more without having a heart attack."

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But wait, as of this week, there's another new sitcom episode!

2 Broke Girls and the Past and the Furious
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And finally, the new year has kicked off with double helpings of two other CBS procedurals:

Criminal Minds
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