January 25th, 2015

Mt. Fandom

A Moment in the Sun

Went to see Night at the Museum 3, and I don't know if it was just seeing it on the big screen again or what, but it beat the sequel by a mile and restored all the magic of the first film. To my very pleasant surprise, Rebel Wilson was nicely sequestered to a few short segments and unable to ruin the movie. The worst part was Neanderthal Ben Stiller, and even he got left out of the main action, so really it was joy all around! Favorite new creatures: nothing was better than the wild Triceratops...unless it was the pack of stone lions. Or the dancing golden Asian statue of something. Or the stone Chinese serpent of many heads, which was just way scarier than the basilisk in Harry Potter.

Came home and watched Galavant, to whose ending I say what the hell, man.
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And because I am soaking up ALL the television tonight, I finished Bad Judge.

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