January 31st, 2015

Kurt/Blaine: House of Lies

Stupid/Awesome By Turns

Because I can't stay away from Glee recaps, even though allowing this amount of "canon knowledge" into my brain is almost defeating the purpose of not watching it, I have a comment on this week's Klaine, or more specifically Blaine:

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The Mindy Project, 3x13, San Francisco Bae
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On that note, I think I might start giving grades to episodes like most of the rest of the world does. Ever since I stopped doing State of the Networks, a.k.a. when I started getting too behind on everything to be able to post the majority of the season grades at the same time, I've missed being able to analyze my viewing data. It'd be fun if I could give a semi-objective grade at the end of every season. Hopefully I won't start feeling too pressured like I sometimes do with Goodreads stars, wondering if I'm skewing too high or low.