February 19th, 2015

Mt. Fandom

2011 Me: "I hate how [Patrick] Jane is incapable of having a sincere emotion." 2015 Me: HOLY CATS!

I got home at 7:58, just in time to turn on Criminal Minds, except apparently The Mentalist's series finale was 2 hours long instead, so I watched the second half out of inertia. Now, I have only seen this show maybe 3 times on account of my inability to stand his smug and smirky face, but GOSH DARN IT if that wasn't about the best series finale I have ever seen.

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Stalker, 1x17, "Fun and Games"
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Introducing my newest obsession, Celebrity Name Game.

I know it premiered months ago, because Darren Criss was on it within about the first week and I was like "KLAJSDLASJDLFS THAT SHOW SOUNDS AMAZING," but I wanted to save his episode until I had time to savor it, and wanted to watch other episodes first to get the hang of it. Unfortunately, it airs at the most terrible time -- 5:00 -- which means by the time it's late enough for me to want to turn on TV, it's over. So it is only within the past month or so that I've started watching it semi-regularly.

Having now seen about 10 episodes -- even though I just missed the one tonight, which was apparently Yvette Nicole Brown + Kevin McHale; NOOOO -- I can say that this is, without question, the best game show that has ever existed.
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Can game shows be a fandom? Because according to one site there are about 135 episodes and growing, and I currently very much feel that I would like to watch 5 or 10 of them a day until I get through them all, and maybe never watch television with complicated things like "plots" again.

In the 25 minutes between the last post and starting this one, I may have found a new obsession.

THE ODD COUPLE. Remember Bad Judge? ME NEITHER. It's gone, it's out of here, it's no longer my candidate for "best new comedy of the season" because THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS. Sure, it's probably doomed like 80% of the CBS comedies I fall in love with, because the general public is a joyless buzzkill that doesn't enjoy broad and non-explicit humor. And yeah, Perry is looking super rough for 45. But I burst out laughing at least 10 times over the course of a half hour, and was delighted by everything about the title characters and the supporting players we've seen so far, so I hope it sticks around.

I feel like I should just make a tag called "Matthew Perry comedy" at this point...

Then, since I was there, I watched the series finale of Two and a Half Men.
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Now I have a whole 24 hours before I absolutely have to do work again, and I'm frankly baffled as to what to do with myself. I can't seem to focus on anything computer-y, so I should probably clean, but that just feels so daunting. Maybe I will organize my slowly growing Box Of Stuff to Donate and see if I can't actually get it out the door by the end of the week.