March 8th, 2015


Law & Order: SVU, Season 16, pt. 2

Oh gosh. I am actually...caught up on a show?? It hasn't gotten much better -- though I will say the teaser of episode 11 has been my favorite thing that's happened all year -- but now I'm talking individual episodes instead of general points.

Law & Order: SVU, 16x09-16
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Also, I just learned this show has been renewed for next season?! Now I don't know if I should stop and wait until the season's over, so I can continue to neatly divide my viewing sessions into perfect thirds, or if I should try to stay on top of it for the rest of the year.


OH NO. For the first time ever, there was no news update on Friday at Neopets, and now fansite Jellyneo is reporting that's because most of the staff, a.k.a. the people we know by name and who have been there for years, were laid off that day.

This seemed so impossible that I actually checked to make sure it wasn't April 1st. It is not. So now I'm in a panic. I was pretty chill when Jumpstart bought the site in September, despite the issues, because they were all cheerful about reassuring us that no one was going anywhere and it would continue on with everything except the Habitarium game. Besides, it was (mostly) fine when Viacom bought it in 2005. But this...seems way less good. The content department is the heart and soul of Neopets. Now I'm really scared this site might actually end. Whether on purpose, or from the inherent suckiness of hiring inferior replacements whose content drives people away until it is no longer profitable.

Can we prayer circle? I don't want to live in a world where the internet doesn't have Neopets.