April 12th, 2015


Ranking the Seasons, Day 3: CSI: Miami

Previously on this meme: Community. Also, there is absolutely no discernible pattern to the shows I'm releasing -- just whatever order I could coherently form thoughts to my satisfaction. However, you can always request a show!

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

CSI: Miami
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*this post was scheduled on April 10. I may or may not actually be around when it posts.

#3 is the only happy thing in this post.

1. THAT'S IT. I am now universally blocking everyone on the LJ homepage who utters the words "Sad Puppies" or "Hugo." First of all, it's been days; talk about something else, secondly, stop tricking me with implications that you are posting cute puppy pictures and/or stories of puppies who need help.

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3. Two weeks ago I watched The Dovekeepers, which I didn't realize until it aired was only a miniseries and not a regular series, and which I very determinedly watched without any outside opinion. I got the sense that it was not going to be well received, and the ratings definitely sucked, but I don't care.

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4. Last week, I watched Seeking A Friend For the End of the World because apparently I'm on a 2015 quest to watch all of Keira Knightley's films where she doesn't get naked. My mom really loved it by the end, but the more I saw the angrier I got that Steve Carell was in it. There is SO MUCH potential in this script; it could have been one of my favorite movies, but it just does not succeed with his face.

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