April 25th, 2015


Drive by update

I have a million things to do, but I got briefly side tracked reading an old journal, and I would like us all to coo over how adorably amazed 14-year-old rainbowstevie is by the size of her book collection: "After I cleaned up my room, I decided to list all the items in it. I listed stuff like magazines as one item with a number in parentheses, but each book is listed individually -- around 150 of them(!!)"

*looks at current collection of 600+ and chuckles*

(I would still have that list if my stupid unstable 90s computer wasn't so prone to meltdowns/crashes and erasing all the data on its hard drive. I couldn't even have saved it on a disk, since lists were so much more fun to make in Microsoft Bob, so that's where it was. But maybe that's a good thing. 29-year-old me would probably just get upset about all the toys I no longer own.)