July 2nd, 2015

Castle GIF

Why should I try to resist when baby, I know so well / I've got you / under my skin?

WHAT UP, WORLD. I am officially four episodes away from being caught up on Castle, something that has not been true for 2 years and 9 months. In celebration, I spent some of my night reading back my old posts and watching myself fall in love. And yet I STILL don't understand how Season 4 Me was able to stand them not being in a relationship in real time. It's a greater mystery to me than how I watched season 2 of Numb3rs. How was friend chemistry with some UST ever enough? (I know that the answer, like Numb3rs, is largely "because the family scenes made up for it," but it's so hard to believe.)*

[*actually it does appear there was another reason]
Voice: these are ACTUAL WORDS from you on 4x12: The show has progressed from barely tolerable, and only when excessively shippy, to excellent at all times and in all respects. I apparently cannot get enough of Castle & Beckett doing anything together, as their working relationship is as much a joy to watch as anything overt (Booth and Bones had nothing on this).
RS: I'm so confused by how I was able to stand them not being in a relationship.]

...so I accidentally went and found this gorgeous fanvid set to "Red Robin" (interspersed with spoken clips) that made me cry. I have not watched a lot of fanvids in this fandom, but I'm still p. sure this is the best I've ever seen. I would not trade our newfound Domestic Bliss mode with him & Beckett for anything, but I do sometimes feel that the father-daughter affection has been pushed aside a bit to make room for it, so it was nice to revisit these moments. Or more accurately, view many of them for the first time.

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Followed by, of course, my reviews for the next set of episodes.

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By the way, my new go-to source for recaps is Gossip and Gab. I don't know if they exist prior to season 7 but they're wonderfully thinky (definitely more analytical and familiar with show canon than I could ever be), and include screencaps, quotes, and (at least temporarily, from abc.com) video clips of the most important parts. I love reading from people with a genuine love for a show that I also love. It's almost like having LJ back.

The Music of 2015: Quarter 2

I almost forgot to do this! Singles have gone almost entirely out the window this quarter, and as a result, my numbering system is no longer very accurate, but oh well. Now it's all about getting my hands on CDs, most of them the ones I recc'd last time. I meant to include some of the great singles dollsome recced, but I haven't had a chance to listen to them enough times to get attached yet. Hopefully soon!

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