July 12th, 2015

Off The Map

I unbanned TV Line, read back 50 pages & am now awash in news and casting spoilers I wanna react to.

(as of July 3, anyway. I kept forgetting to post this)

1. Rookie Blue is the worst show for relationships ever. It's worse than Glee. It is just absolutely the most irreponsible handling of a central couple that I have ever seen on television. I need to talk about this season's central arc, based on what TV Line says.

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2. I rather casually clicked on a movie trailer for "Unexpected" because I saw Cobie's face and I am now SCREAMING FOR JOY.
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4. The 1-night spectacular production of "Bombshell" that was the Actor's Fund benefit did so well that they're making it a full-fledged production! With lesser-known actors but many more nights. Things I Regret Not Being Able To Afford To Go To New York For List, GO! #Smash, The Little Show That Could And Kept Going

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7. Lastly: I think this is the first year since I heard of it it in 2007 that I haven't cared at all about not being at Comic Con. I don't think there's really anything of significant interest left. 2008-2010 would have been the ideal time period in which to go, and while there have still been good draws, ever since then both the con and I have been shedding super-fandom shows at a steady rate until there are either one or none left.

8. It also looks like Chris Colfer isn't coming any closer than Illinois this year, so I am now gladder than ever that I went to have him sign my book last year. :)

I dunno, I just feel an intense connection to LJ this week.

I didn't have to go down to the courthouse on Friday either; apparently only 7 jurors were sworn in the whole week, so I am now off the hook since apparently my county is one of two in the state where the minimum time to serve (if not picked for a case) is only one week rather than two. I DEFINITELY picked the right date when I chose a random week to postpone my original summons to.

I celebrated by going to Half Price Books to take advantage of my 40% & 50% off one item coupons yesterday & today. I also ran into a boatload of awesome stuff on clearance, so while I did end up spending $17.15 in the end, I feel like I got quite a good bang for my buck.

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