July 13th, 2015


I regret to inform you -- with no regret at all -- that I am watching Zoo.

Zoo looked ridiculous and melodramatic as all get out...but boy, I will follow James Wolk's handsome face with very little resistance (remember that time The Office made a big deal out of how supposedly good-looking Timothy Olyphant was? I feel like James Wolk is actually that type of person).

And it is is indeed cheesy and melodramatic and ridonkulous, but in a way that makes it cracktastically awesome. Breezy fun, in a people-getting-mauled-to-death way. Plus lots of real animals!  I plan to continue having a good, emotional-investment-free time all summer.

[edit from Future Me: "emotional-investment-free" HAHAHAH could I BE laughing any harder right now?]

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