July 19th, 2015


TV Shows Outside My Usual Purview

I watched a 22-year old episode of Seinfeld last night and it was wild. Versions of Jennifer Coolidge and Lisa Edelstein so young that I had to squint at the screen and really stretch my brain to identify them, and still had to verify with IMDB. Jennifer looks like a different person when you can see the color of her eyes, and Lisa looks quite nice with thicker eyebrows.

I also kind of half-watched an episode of Scandal while playing Neopets. This is the second one I've seen most of (only because they sandwich it between more appealing Castle and Leverage reruns on Saturday night), and I gotta say, I do not understand why this show is so successful when it is so DULL.

So I'm going to talk through it and see if that helps.

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Update: I found this beautiful article in list form about why Fitz Is The Worst and I cannot stop laughing.

Olivia should dump Fitz. Mellie should dump Fitz. Everybody should dump Fitz. People who have never met Fitz should dump Fitz. White House tour groups should be brought through his office for the sole purpose of dumping him at the end of the visit.