July 22nd, 2015


Questions & stray thoughts

1. Why do I keep seeing the words "Steven Universe" on Tumblr? Was it created by Amy Schumer? These are both things that seem to have appeared out of nowhere this summer and convinced everyone they should be talked about a lot. Except I don't see any pictures of it or regular fandom talk, just people talking arguing about what these "gems" mean.

I've concluded it's a cartoon about floating gemstones with faces pasted on who discuss relationships at great length but in vague terms, leading people to argue constantly what said gems' genders and sexualities are, for some weird reason probably related to why Bronies exist.

2. It's also probably a young person's thing I should be ignoring. As inspired by this post I found the other day that I cannot stop laughing at:
Reblog if you use Tumblr and you're over 30

3. I don't know if you heard but eighty million months ago I posted about episodes 7 and 8 of Sleepy Hollow season 2. I totally posted them then. They weren't private or just completed today or anything. There's a link to #7 with explanation in #8, so go there first.

4. I've been casually, kind of out of nowhere, watching The Middle again. I just saw an episode where we saw Colin Firth in the dentist's office, so if I pretend Frankie still gets to see him every day, I might feel a little better. Then again, I also just found out that Sue and Darrin are still apparently dating until well into or possibly even the end of season 6, and I am pretty sure that is a grosser crime against humanity than getting rid of the dog.

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