July 27th, 2015

Too much talking

I just have a lot of topics.

1. I've had an itch at the back of my brain since May, and its name is the last 3 episodes of Stalker.
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2. I swear I spend 20 minutes every time I'm at Target just drooling over the "guided journals" and wondering whose glorious job it is to invent books like that.

3. My new method for listening to the radio is to check all the popular stations to see if they are playing "Fight Song" before I settle on the least objectionable option. Now I'm sitting here wishing someone would make a really good fanvid to this, and I don't even know which character I'd want. Maybe Rachel Berry, using largely footage from season 5 and 6 (It's been 2 years, I miss my home...), but my lack of knowledge about Rachel's scenes in those seasons makes it tricky. I know the more realistic answer is "some gal on the CW," but I'm resisting that for obvious reasons of not knowing any of them. Although if someone made a well-done video, I would.

[edit: there actually is a Rachel Berry video!, but it's a shortened song and has too much distracting voiceover competing with the lyrics.]

4. ...DAMN IT, YOUTUBE. No. Not even for this will I look at Supergirl footage.

5. Update: I have watched the first minute of this video. My momentary "awww I miss your face" / "holy crap no one mentioned Jeremy Jordan's involvement!" feelings quickly gave way to gasping, hyena-like laughter at all of the terrible, terrible flight scenes and other superhero nonsense.

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6. The most important thing I have learned from this is WHOA, WHEN DID BLAKE JENNER AND MELISSA BENOIST GO FROM ENGAGED TO ACTUALLY MARRIED?? Their engagement got overshadowed by Cory's death and after that nobody ever really semed sure if it was just a rumor or not, and now I find this glorious truth. Okay. This show is hereby allowed to be successful if it means she is promoted to a central position in the public eye and interview circuit, talking about her fantastic life full of dogs and a cute guy a lot.