February 6th, 2016

warning light

Did I just get *angrier* at Castle?

[from a review of the midseason premiere explaining what happened earlier this season]Per TV Line: "Season 8 has taken some dings, to say the least, for the storyline that found Kate calling a “time out” on her nascent marriage, in the name of safeguarding Rick from LokSat aka the late Senator Bracken’s thus-far-unidentified partner in crime. Viewers sweated out a half-dozen episodes of that marital misdirection, until the very end of the fall finale, where Rick called Kate on the carpet, and she let him in on the ruse — with the caveat that they must continue acting out the estrangement."

OK, wait, "ruse" like she always planned to let him in on it eventually while banking on the fact that he wouldn't be as angry as I am and would still be in love with her, or "ruse" like she actually did break up with him to keep him safe but then later changed her mind and decided not to do it permanently?

I thought it was the latter. You'd think the former option would be slightly better, but it's not. Although to be fair, all this "shift" has accomplished is making me as disgusted with Castle's push-over-ness as I was with Beckett in the first place, ensuring I will almost definitely never go back even if they get their s--t together.

Granted I don't know how emotional any of those scenes were and I should probably not shoot my mouth off without knowing the details, but on the other hand, I feel like I have to make it clear how these choices were SO OBJECTIVELY TERRIBLE that they are ensuring I won't even give them the chance to prove my knee-jerk opinion wrong.

Here is another thing that executives are shooting their mouths off about**: a hypothetical season 9 and "ways to extend the show in the event that Stana and/or Nathan don't sign on."

Listen, I fought the good fight to stand by X-Files' side and I'm proud of my accomplishments there, but unlike a world war that is an experience I know better than to try and repeat. (**I know that in this context the talk of season 9 was a fairly pat answer, because of course you keep your options open, but I am just 200% done with people even suggesting it)