February 10th, 2016


Ohhh, that was good.

I know Future Self is wondering what happened to episodes 12-13, and the short answer is that they were bland/lacking in relevant personal moments, and I thought I wrote short blurbs about them anyway, but I can't find them so MEH. Moving on.

Criminal Minds, 11x14, Hostage
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P.S. I realize that medical emergencies make for exciting TV, but I still feel like the amount Survivor's new season promos have been hyping All The Injuries and literally nothing else, no names or faces in their TV spots, is a sign the contestants themselves might be terribly boring by comparison. We'll find out in a week when the show comes back and I am released from my self-imposed chains of watching Arrow every week and having 47 new questions re: "wtf is this crazy --- and why is it on the air, what is this show even about."

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