February 11th, 2016


7th post in barely 3 days

I keep thinking of new things! I'm p. sure that the more abandoned LJ gets, the more I want to post on it. I will single-handedly bring it back with my 10-person readership! (is 10 too optimistic a number? I'm afraid to actually count how many mutual friends have made an appearance within the past 2 years, much less than past 2 months)

But anyway, I went to Goodwill on Tuesday. I was thinking I might just go home after running errands, but then I remembered tje Discount Day and figured I should take a stab at it, even though I was wearing the worst possible shopping outfit for buying clothes -- 2 layers, huge pendant necklace, scarf and my heavy button-up coat with belt.

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I keep thinking of things to post about

Alianne is doing a fun ask-me meme, which so far is 100% Glee characters, which of course means I'm over here like "I know what would be a fun way to spend 3 hours! Filling out this meme for every single character of Glee I can remember." Yes, this is a vague threat to post that list. But for now, I just want to laugh at the fact that her answer for Blaine re: "All the people I ship romantically with this character" is exclusively Kurt, and that is indeed the only correct answer for canon almost; SEASON 2 BLAINE/RACHEL 5EVA, I think it's hilarious that my answer for Blaine looks like:

"Almost the entire world, including but probably not even limited to Kurt, Rachel, Quinn, Tina, Marley, Random Catholic Schoolgirl, Sam, maybe Sebastian in some cases, hell I could probably even roll with Eli if he were nice." (Not on that list: Karofsky. GLEE WHY U DO ME WRONG)

I kind of have really, really, really elaborate headcanons re: how much I want Blaine to love everybody. I feel like I should fic it out and embellish some of them. Like maybe I should template Confessions of a Serial Kisser in an AU that involves Blaine macking on everyone before meeting Right Person Kurt.

Five-Part Loreena McKennitt Series: PARALLEL DREAMS

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This one has perhaps the wildest and most untamed sound of all her CDs. Until "Dickens' Dublin," everything seems to take place centuries ago, and then suddenly, that song acts like a launchpad to catapult us into the present day...and then it comes full cycle to a quiet close. Additionally, the first time I really listened to this CD was on the hour-long ride back to college freshman year after Long Weekend in October, and so my personal connection to the CD includes a strong sense of peaceful darkness (tinged with sad), a relatively quiet freeway on Sunday night, and the moon overhead.

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