February 24th, 2016


Stuff Of Delight (Link Version)

1. Every so often, there is a Daily Puppy that exceeds normal cuteness standards and makes me go, "I MUST HAVE IT." This is one of those puppies.
I would name it Doglefox, after a Neopets petpet, for obvious reasons of how it looks. (This is why I'm not allowed to name dogs.)

2. I have read this Colbert gifset, like, 95 times since I reblogged it but I'm STILL LAUGHING: "[Hilary Clinton] is not reaching young people, so she's trying a new tactic: disappointed mom."

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3. Here is a pretty cool post in which you can vote for an upcoming SwoonReads book cover for alianne's book. As a bonus, you get to read awesome stuff about the thought process behind each and how book covers are designed.

That one night of TV I watch per week.

In "news I will potentially regret," I accepted an offer to start the night job scoring standardized tests earlier than expected this year, so that kicks off March 1st, meaning Mom & I will have to delay our Survivor-watching adventures, and probably will have to give up our Criminal Minds time altogether (ONE WEEK AWAY from adding Beyond Borders to our Wednesday evenings and having a full 3-hour set again, sigh)

Survivor, Kah Rah Rah Kaoh Rong Episode 2
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Criminal Minds 11x15, "A Badge and a Gun"
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