February 27th, 2016


To Dream, Perchance To Watch

February 2016: Once or twice a month or so, I manage to exhaust myself and come home before 7 pm, at which point I flop down and declare, "TIME TO WATCH ALL OF THE TV." And then I waste an hour in frustration as I try to remember which shows I want to watch in order to match one to my current mood. This post won't solve all my problems, but I think it will help a lot if I officially write down all my options, because there are officially too many to just remember them anymore.

Last Updated: April 2, 2017

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1. I was making an Official Post to keep track of everything I theoretically want to watch in the near or distant future, and while scanning my end-of-year fandom memes for forgotten shows, I found distressing irony in the fact that the last 3 shows I said I "would never let go of no matter how they crappy they get" all promptly betrayed me within 1-2 years and caused me to shun them (CSI, Glee, Castle).

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