February 29th, 2016


Happy leap day! Gotta post & bounce, lots to do.

I accidentally watched the Oscars last night -- I had no intention of doing so, but I turned on the TV at 7:15 and was like, "Oh, they're about to start, why don't I just leave them on," and for some reason I found everything really interesting and thought it went by really quickly. I guess I paid more attention to movies this year than I thought? Or maybe I just can only watch the telecast 3-4x a decade. I'm honestly trying to hypothesize why I liked them so much, so maybe I will just talk about them.

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Also, I'm 5 episodes into Superstore now and I'm hoping to finish the rest within a week so I'm reserving chatter until then, but I need to you know this is about the happiest I've been with a random comedy since either Raising Hope or The Middle, depending on which I started watching first.