September 27th, 2016

Happy Cat

It's that time of year. Densi Time.

Last week, when work was being particularly insane and unmanageable, my self control snapped and I decided to randomly find out everything that happened with Kensi & Deeks in season 7. All at once. Despite my original plan to actually watch some of the episodes from last year so as maximize my exposure to their shared screen footage.

Wading through the tag was slow at first, and I was starting to worry that I had gone unspoiled because it was a dry year, but then I landed on this post and it gave me a pretty solid launching pad of their most important moments in gif form, which led to YouTube clips.

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Today, I decided to rewatch some of the clips only to be informed that the new season has started. I clicked on one clip just to try it and WHAT IS THIS 2-EPISODE FESTIVAL OF SHIPPING GLORY.

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Unrelated: my comedy-syndication channels have made some changes to their pre/post-primetime evening lineups and for my own sake, I need to record them because this is more relevant than primetime scheduling at this point.
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Finally: the only new show I've managed to watch so far this season is The Good Place. Not intentionally, I was just really desperate for some TV that was on the actual TV, and I missed Superstore's premiere (which I have since watched and adored) but happened to catch this nonsense two nights in a row.Collapse )

Eh, I'll ghost tomorrow. just sent me their best offer yet -- $100 in bonus credit for rejoining at the $11.99/month membership price -- so HELL YEAH time to drown myself in a deluge of song downloads. Did I mention that songs at membership price are only 49 to 89 cents? And that I can easily cancel in the next month to avoid any additional charges? (but my music credit disappears when I do, so I gotta spend it quick)

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Speaking of thrifty buys, I found "Life Partners" at the dollar store. I don't often love indie movies small and low budget enough to become Dollar Tree fodder, but when I do...

Self Reminders/Motivation To Get To Work:
a) there is a YMCA fundraiser garage sale at the fairgrounds this weekend, starting Thursday. It's open until 7pm the first two nights. I want to go to there.
b) my deadline for purging some books is Sunday, because next weekend is Half Price Books Clearance Event. I am very, very excited. And more importantly, I need to remember to TAKE PHOTOS OF THE HAUL / WRITE ABOUT IT, because I'm really sad at how few and far between my posts about my collecting excursions have become and I want to be able to relive the rush of acquisition.