November 9th, 2016


Hey, let's talk about lots of mostly non-election things!

1. In today's Absolutely Unnecessary Items I Must Have*: a copper cupcake Ferris wheel.

*I would never actually buy this. When would I ever have people over? Under what circumstances would I actually need to display a maximum of 8 cupcakes/muffins elegantly? But man, if I had one of those beautiful mansions I'm always drooling over, this would absolutely be one of the thousands of magazine-worthy decorative items I stocked it with.

2. I've been watching Superstore fairly faithfully all season, and I think I've seen enough now that I can chance tossing out some random impressions that s.2 has made on me without spoiling the magic.

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3. Remember when I refused to make a fall watchlist because I had so little I planned to watch, much less on time? I think it's kind of interesting to see what I've actually been watching, regardless of any half-baked plans I made before, so let's do one now.

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4. I am being absolutely useless tonight. I should work, but literally all I'm doing is 30% work on this post and 60% watching election results; I've never been this fascinated by anything political in my life.