June 20th, 2017


I seem to be having trouble sleeping.

But it would appear that watching "try not to cry" challenges on YouTube is pretty good for producing tears, and crying wears you out, so this might actually be a good solution to insomnia. Albeit an emotionally taxing one. I wish I'd realized it before 2 in the morning, though,

Prior to this I was trying to read Girls in the Moon, and it is so prettily written, but ALSO emotionally taxing because I do not wanna walk backwards through the dissolution of MC's parents' relationship in the flashback chapters. They go in reverse chronological order, and from literally the first chapter of that aspect (where Mom is settling into the new house, freshly divorced), I'm all "WHY CAN'T MEG AND KIERAN'S LOVE SURVIVE FAME & CHILDREN. THEY SEEM COOL." So, you know, it's not really getting easier as their story gets happier and happier.