March 9th, 2018

Mt. Fandom

Yo, VIPs! Let's kick it!

"Have you been in fandom for a long time? Help us out with our research!"

[EDIT: the survey is now closed, unfortunately -- barely five days got them all they needed, wow! -- but this post shal remain.]

Some researchers are looking for members who have been in fandom for 10+ years, which is pretty much everyone left here on LJ I think, about how fandom has migrated to different platform fandoms over the years and what your experiences with those changes has been. I had a blast essentially writing my fandom autobiography, dredging up the names of forums and fansites all but forgotten from the early 00s, and I think you will too. Or I hope you will. I just love being a part of a something.
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P.S. I have a ton of comments and posts to respond to all ofa  sudden and I will try my best to get to them in a timely manner (STUPID WORK WEEK111!!), but this is what sucked away all my attention last night and ruined me for real work, so I might as well try to salvage something.