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I am growing increasingly invested in my tetris-like cell phone game...I can play it for up to an hour on end, and so I did, while watching CSI. I suspect this may speak more to my addiction to cell phone games than the quality of the episode, because in retrospect, it included another Miniature Crime Scene Killer case, and Greg's trial coroner's inquest to boot.

Number 1, Greg was looking adorably vulnerable, and I did especially desire to hug him again and convince him that he is, in fact, very brave and admirable and was already beaten up once and so does not have to keep doing it to himself.  Or better yet, have Sara do it for me.  I've got my mind going down two diverging paths lately, viewing the series in two paralell worlds, one in which she's with Grissom and the other in which she's with Greg.  (hey, if they hid the GSR throughout the entirety of last season, I can pretend the same for this one, tidbits aside) 

Geeze...Greg with the "excusable" homicide, Grissom with the dioramas, Nick with this increasingly disheartened outlook, Catherine losing Sam, Warrick with the continuing marriage-on-rocks...Sara must be happy; for once everyone ELSE is suffering whereas she's having a banner year (having finally gotten her man).  Even if he is rapidly suffering from burnout and accompanying migraines.

Back to the episode.  The murder was interesting, true, and dioramas still make me drool, but it was the inquest (I assumed it was a trial in a previous post; my mistake) that I paid attention to.  I think that "excusable" probably was the best way to rule, given the heartbreaking testimony of his family.  Even though we were there, and we saw the creepy boy come flying at Greg with a rock...actually, playing that back, he would like to change my opinion.  He didn't have any other option.  If he'd backed out of the alley, the kid either would have gone back to kill the suspect or he could have chased after the car, and could have caught up when Greg reached the street and had to stop in order to turn and shift out of reverse.  And unlike the wild kids down in Miami, the Vegas CSIs don't carry guns.  So what else was the poor boy to do?

Awwww.  Feeling a serious need to give hugs.  Okay, and as for the regular investigation, I really really noticed prominent background music this time.  It was cinematic.  And something about the lighting too - I've been noticing it throughout the season. It's become darker, more dramatic, but for lack of a better word - relate it writing, it's like what I call "word art."  Its woven together in almost ballet-like precision.  Maybe it was just this episode, and/or combined with the preceding one, but it all seemed almost like we were moving through a dream.  I didn't feel like we really identified with anyone during the lab, not even Grissom, but like we were just moving through it. 

Random note: The hell!  Second episode in a row with lack of GSR?  All my Sandles daydreaming will not distract me from the true ship, and you can't spoil me five episodes in a row (actually, more like 8 if you count the end of last season too) and then suddenly cut me off cold turkey!  BOOOO.   Now I want major, massive payoff in the last episode before he leaves.  Or next episode.  Preferably both.

Just how sad IS my investment in TV relationships? 
I look forward to every episode like crazy.  I just never tire of swimming challenges, apparently, or backstabbing camp banter.  I forgot to mention something last week when Ozzy caught that bird - you know what I keep waiting for?  I keep waiting for one of them to accidentally kill some endangered species of fish or fowl during hunting expeditions.  I think that would be the best news story ever.  Do you think the castaways get a quick debriefing of what they can and cannot catch before they're turned loose?  Or do the scouts just take special care to locate places that have no endangered species within a ten-mile radius?
  It's something I've been burning to know. 

Okay. This episode: the option of choosing a new tribe was interesting.  I'm not sure if it would really benefit anyone at this might have saved Christina's neck, if she'd had the option.  Maybe Flicka, too.  I think it's only alluring if you know you're on the chopping block and you don't have any solid alliances.  Or if your boyfriend eyesex buddy is on the other team and you can't wait another second for the merger, I guess.

I am SO FRICKIN' PROUD of Aitu right now (that's the smaller team right? I never can keep them straight).  The tiny little four-person alliance kicked ass in both challenges, and all of I sudden I love all the members so much right now.  I would be so happy if they managed to remain intact until the merge.  I'm damn proud of them. And they were so cute when they won the reward challenge.

I'm a little sad they voted off Brad, even though I understand why, because I was just starting to think he was a really nice guy.  After his farewell speech, he's definitely one of the sweetest people we've seen on this show.  I want him for a friend. 

Jonathon, on the other hand, is an ass.  A racist ass.  I don't think he met all those "original Raro tribe" comments to sound as racist as they did, but man, he might as well have stuck his whole LEG in his mouth.  On the other hand, I think that Candice is an incredibly smart player, and switching tribes might actually have been good for her.  She can definitely be devious, and yet she exudes such sweetness that everyone trusts her and wants to be her friend. It's crazy.

So, my opinions of some people have changed, and I'm going to post a revised list of how I feel about them at the moment.

Adam: I know who he reminds me of now - Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.  Doesn't he, a little bit?  Adam is just kind of smug and cocky, and I don't like him.

Becky: Becky has managed to fly almost completely under the radar so far.  No mistakes, no confrontations, no squabbles.  Just sitting pretty in a nice, tight alliance and befriending everyone.  I was thinking she had a really good thing going, and I was happy for her...but she's got to be in a state of shock right now, suddenly being exposed and one of the members that Raro would like to put in a firing squad.  Dang.   

Candice: I'm impressed that she has moved away from Jonathon and secured her own place - which is looking a lot firmer than his, right now.  She's got eyes and ears and a quick mind.  And physically, she's one of the strongest women I've ever seen on this show.  Wouldn't you kill for her body?

Jenny: Is growing increasingly sour and snippy-bitchy.  I'd like to drop-kick her out the door ASAP.  Looks like she's leading the anti-Candice brigade.  Makes sense, as she IS the anti-Candice.

Jonathon: Increasingly bumbling, and it's definitely time for him to trip up.  He can't scheme forever.  I can't believe he's that bright, despite what all his planning would have you believe.

Nate: I love Nate.  I really do.  He can be very opinionated, and seems to have a quick temper, but it cools off pretty quickly too, and he's forgiving.  I can't help it, I like him.

Ozzy: So, during the challenges, he seems a lot taller than I initally thought.  And also, when his hair is soaking wet, I had a sudden thought that he looked a lot like Orlando Bloom as Will Turner.  Which was wickedly disturbing, since Orli is quite possibly the most attractie actor ever and Ozzy normally doesn't particularly turn my head...but yeah.  I love seeing him kick ass in the challenges.  And his personality has become less grating.  Plus they have all this footage showing him fishing, and that was great fun to watch.  I love animals, and I could never go fishing myself, but at the same time watching them spear fish underwater on TV is kind of like a computer game, and goodness knows I'm obsessed with virtual hunting and fishing...

Parvati: The way she turned on Brad behind his back last episode, indignantly gossiping with Jenny (what a pair of hens they make) was really off-putting.   Her beauty-queen smile (though she's not as pretty as Candice) is hiding kind of a nasty personality, I think.

Rebecca/Sundra: Seriously.  For the life of me I still can't separate them in my mind.  I can only remember what one of them looks like, and I'm not even sure who it is!  Wait, yes I do...Rebecca is the yellow bathing suit/tired swimmer, but she's on the Small Tribe so I like her.  That's the one I remember, anyway.  I serioulsy have no clue about Sundra.  She must be flying WAY under the radar.  I don't even think she's anywhere near the radar.

Yul: Yul looks ridiculously hot in glasses.  He is also ridiculously toned.  I never paid attention before, but his abs are mind-boggling.   And the glasses.  He already seemed like one of the smartest people in the game, and this just adds to that perception.

Can't wait for next week!  As always.  I sincerely hope that Jonathon gets booted next, as planned.  Otherwise, if the Small Tribe loses immunity, they'll probably kick out Ozzy, but I really hope Rebecca goes instead, since she's the least interesting of those four.

Grey's Anatomy: I caught about a minute of this during one section of commercials.  This is an episode I'd been looking forward to - all the men out camping or something, though I forget why - and I got to see Burke stitching up Joe the Bartender's boyfriend.  George kept giving him a hard-eyed, suspicious stare, and Burke kept cringing beneath it, and I'm curious as to what that's about.  Oh, Burke.  How I wish you'd never been shot.

I also saw the very end, in which Derek re-introduces himself, Meredith says "you walked away."  And just when I was about to burst into hysterical laughter about how these two idiots seem to be like cars on a cable, so that whenever one moves forward the other has no choice but to move back...Meredith goes ahead and forgives him and then I think they kiss but I was too disgusted to watch so I went back to commercials.   Turns out I hate these two now.  There's just nothing likable left.  I have given up.
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