April 22nd, 2019


The words that you said / they still ring in my head

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is "the first 10 books you reviewed," and while I am tempted to highlight the handful of review posts that originated on my ancient Xanga blog, they were all very negative ones and even though I was proud enough to repost them on Goodreads with minimal editing, there is always the risk they will get me in trouble if I call attention to them and I don't want to fight this week. So for the sake of participating, I am instead copy/pasting the first 10 titles from the first reading list where I wrote a short blurb below each one -- back in 2009.

I kind of miss the ability to condense my feelings about books into 2-3 sentences, tbh.

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Hey, you know what would be the perfect post to link up to this one? The 10-year retrospective I just did about this list.