July 2nd, 2019


Top Ten (Or So) Book Series From My Childhood

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is about favorite books from your childhood. While there are many standalone novels I could mention, and probably will regret this later when I see how few of you recognized horse/dog/wildlife stories or other authors I adore, today I'd like to concentrate on series books.

Up until I was around 13, I'd wager that a good 50% of my reading material was series books. Now that I'm older, I prefer standalone novels, not least because there aren't really series books like this for adults outside of romance & mystery novels. But as a kid, there was nothing like the immense pleasure of being able to choose any one from dozens of titles, knowing that they would be to my taste.

I rarely read them in chronological order as opposed to whatever was available/sounded best in the moment, since most were from the library, and I rarely if ever read to the end of a series. But god, for 7 or so years of my life, were they fun.

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